Okay… let’s do this!

The first post on any blog is so intimidating and in equal measure so overwhelmingly exciting. You always think about it for a few days, then procrastinate for a week or so before writing anything. If you have some previous blogging experience you start thinking a lot about the tone of your writing.

Is your blog a human being or a business? Will it put people off or will they hang on for the ride? So many questions and so little action.

This blog should represent many things but most importantly it should be:

  • A hub for people with many business questions and loads of initiative.
  • A well of quick answers to prime entrepreneurial thinking and a bump of courage and energy towards action.
  • An experience-based resource that minimises procrastination by keeping thing short and sweet.
  • Inspiration and encouragement for young entrepreneurs to help them take the first step towards personal fulfilment.

This is what it is for me anyway and I hope it will inspire other people as well.

30 Seconds Clip is a place where I document starting my own business. It is meant to help others that dream about having one and to keep me on plan with mine.

Just to clarify, this is not the diary of a wannabe entrepreneur, this is a log of what the wannabe entrepreneur learned on the path to success (or failure) – learnings that could make life easier for other people that share the same path.

Also, this will probably be the longest blog post out of all the ones I plan to write.


Because the internet is full of boring “whitepapers”  that have no essence, or so little essence that it could be very well condensed in a 30 Second Clip.

We hope you enjoy and visit us often.

Team 30 Second Clip